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5380K MDF Door Kit

5380K MDF Door Kit

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Allows you to rout decorative and raised panel profiles in MDF panels. Simple to use - router follows the inside of the aluminum frame. Use veneered MDF for a solid wood look, or plain/melamine MDF for for a painted look. Great low cost alternative to solid wood raised panel doors. This quick and efficient method will save you time and money!

Fast, toolless setup for any panel size from 29" x 45" down to 11-3/4" sq. Can go smaller by using spacers 3/4" thick x the needed width between the Ultra Track and the part. The Ultra Track aluminum frame is elevated 1/4" above the work surface to form a lipped edge for your plunge router (router & bits not included) and our 5301/5303 and/or 5302 Plate Kit to follow.

    • Includes four Corner Connectors, two 32" and two 48" Ultra Tracks, plus hardware.
    • Can be used for simple straight profiles by running your router against the inside edge of the track. Your bit should be centered in your router for best results.
    • Router & Bit are NOT included.
    • Optional templates (5350 & 5360) require our 5301/5303 and/or 5302 Plate Kits, sold separately. Plate Kits have a 1-1/4" vacuum hookup and provide a consistent margin between the track edge and bit profile.
    • Get the 5301 Plate Kit if you want to use just a single bit, for example if using just a stile bit (56100-56450).
    • Get both the 5301/5303 & 5302 Plate Kit if you want to use a combination of a stile bit (56100-56450) and a panel bit (57100-57250) to achieve a true raised panel look.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jose antunez

Este producto viene conpleto con el router así como esta kit

R. Stanford

I looked at this and read reviews for almost a year , I finally bit the bullet and bought it last month, I used it today to make 24 cabinet doors , setup and all doors were ready for paint in less than four hours . The only thing I did to modify was I cut 2 -3 x32 and 2-3x48 1/4 strips and double side taped them to the bottom of the rails so not to have to use the troublesome spacers sent in box , excellent job Woodhaven , I'll give you a definite atta boy for this !!!!!

Sean Marin

I really enjoy it good tool

Lance McDonald, CMT

I purchased the Woodhaven MDF Door Kit several years ago and it has performed very well. Set up is easy and the results are very nice. (I will attempt to attach pictures.)

A few pieces of free advice is before you even assemble, go to the hardware store with a bolt and acorn nut (provided) and buy eight more just like that. My kit fit so tightly together that the rails would not slide (even with a dry lube.) The additional bolts and acorn nuts allow me take the rails apart to adjust the size, rather than fishing for the t-nut provided with this kit.

Another opinion is I do a two router bit profile with my doors, which always look nice, but can be a boat load of work (it can be challenging to get the second bit to bottom out exactly where the first bit did) and you need to buy a separate plate kit, so it is more expensive too. The doors look really nice with a single bit too, so consider saving yourself some extra work and expense and select a single plate kit and router bit.

I have gotten a lot of use out of this jig and enjoy using it.

Mike McPherson

I've made lots of doors with your tools and They have turned out excellent. thank you very much