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8715 Deluxe Stair Gauge Kit

8715 Deluxe Stair Gauge Kit

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Laying out stair stringers with a set of cheap stair gauges can be challenging. The radiused edge of the stringer causes you to guess where the tread and riser marks intersect and it can throw off the gauges as you slide them along the stringer. Plus the gauges small adjustment knobs make it easy to knock them out of position. Our Deluxe Stair Gauges solve all these problems, making your layouts quicker and more accurate!

Our Deluxe Stair Gauges feature 1" long "legs", allowing you to make a short layout line at a right angle to the tread and riser line. This eliminates guessing where the tread and riser marks intersect and makes it easy to index the square precisely to the next position. 3/8" thick gauge body indexes against the edge of the stringer for double the bearing surface of most gauges. Not affected by the radiused edge of the stringer! 

Easy to use large diameter knobs with brass screws hold the gauges firmly in position.  Also includes a 24" long aluminum fence (optional use) to span voids and damaged edges. Plus it connects the two Deluxe Stair Gauges together for extra insurance against getting knocked out of position. Framing square not included.

  • Woodhaven Deluxe Stair Gauges are used to layout stair stringers, skirt boards and more. Works on stairs with an angle as low as 26º, which is 4º lower than regular stair gauges can register.
  • Best stair layout tool ever! Our Deluxe Stair Gauges eliminate all the problems of other stair gauges.
  • Fits any steel or aluminum framing square you supply with a blade up to .125" thick. Includes two gauges machined from solid phenolic - one for the 2" wide leg of your framing square and the other for the 1-1/2" wide leg.

    Lifetime guarantee against defects in material or workmanship. Made in the USA! For product questions or a quote for shipping outside the continental US call 800-344-6657 or email

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Well worth the price and most definitely a great tool to have for laying out stairs.


Still need a brain to make great stairs but this tool takes out most of the variables. In my senior RV Park I’m a real stair cutting hero.

Robin headley

These are the best stair gages iv ever used and the track makes them so much more versatile 💯 recommend 👌 them

Luciano pereira



Great product!!!