Industry Accolades:

In 1983 we opened a woodworking tool store, classroom and do it yourself shop. Of course, I had my trusty router table for people to use. Soon customers were wanting one for their own shops and we obliged by making a few. Now, all we do is manufacture and sell woodworking tools and accessories. It's so much fun that I almost hate to think of it as a business, but we are very serious about supplying you with superior and innovative products.
Throughout the years we've collected testimonials, accolades and product reviews, and we hope you enjoy browsing through a selection of our history represented by third party publications. Below you'll find links to the publication website, an issue cover image, a PDF document of the article featuring the Woodhaven product, as well as the relevant text excerpts.


ShopNotes, Vol 14, Issue 82:
"Don't let its plain looks fool you, this (Shelf Pin) jig is a precise, easy to use tool. It uses pins instead of a fence to register against the end and edge of the workpiece"
ShopNotes, Vol 15, Issue 85:
"Their (jig bar) convenience and adjustability can't be beat"
ShopNotes, Vol 18, Issue 107:
"The advantage of this (hinge) jig is there are no settings to fall out of adjustment. And best of all, this jig is inexpensive."
ShopNotes, Vol 19, Issue 109:
"Any of these coping sleds will provide better results than a scrap board acting as a backer during a cut. But for me, the small extra cost of the Woodhaven sled is a great investment for a step up in performance. It provides you with a truly oustanding product you'll be using for years"
ShopNotes, Vol 19, Issue 114:
"(Frame & Panel Master) provides a safe & secure way to hold the workpieces while routing. It beats using double sided tape to hold the template in place on the rail and panel. The heavy duty jig comes in a kit with easy to fllow instructions. And the index holes make it easy to quickly reposition the workpiece for various door sizes."

American Woodworker:

American Woodworker, Issue 81, Aug 2000:
"The Woodhaven (Miter Gauge) has a simple, traditional design, with adjustable bar and a flip stop that still works when a wooden face is added."
American Woodworker, Issue 83, Sep 2000:
"Miter Gauge Featured w/ Flip Stop
American Woodworker, Issue 84, Dec 2000:
"The Woodhaven (Dovetail Jig) has all the best features in a well designed package. It's got adjustable clamps, large knobs, a universal bit and a rigid, double sided template."
American Woodworker, Issue 92, Feb 2002:
"One piece, tool free fence with adjustable subfences and T slots. Thick, plastic laminate/MDF Top. Tight flush fitting mounting plate. Outstanding, flush fit, snap in reducer rings. Sturdy base cabinet with levelers is predrilled for dust collection."

Fine Woodworking:

Fine Woodworking, Issue 165, Oct 2003:
"Accurate out of the box, the Woodhaven (Deluxe Miter Gauge) has a 24" long sliding aluminum fence extrusion attached to the head via T slots, allowing it to slide close to the blade. The L shaped flip stop has a micro adjuster, which was solid with no play."
Fine Woodworking, Issue 181, Dec 2005:
"Woodhaven's router cabinet is a paragon of versatility. The two stacks of drawers that flank the centered router cabinet provide great storage for bits, wrenches and the myriad pieces related to router operation. The lower divided cabinet offers great router storage and helps make the cabinet very sturdy. The easy to operate and versatile fence (three rows of T tracks on the aluminum back fence) and a phenolic top add up to a great package that gets my vote for best cabinet style router table."

Wood Magazine:

Wood Magazine, Issue 122, Mar 2000:
"Plate leveling system works effectively, holds up well, and provides full support for plate. The rings sit flush and snap out easily by hand. The miter slot is adjustable, and the fence has T tracks for accessories. The tallish table is easy on your back."
Wood Magazine, Fall 2000:
"I tested the Biscuit Master on the sides and ends of boards, and on bevel and miter joints, and it worked wonderfully every time."
Wood Magazine, July 2022:
"Woodhaven Box-Joint Jig #4555 Overall Grade A-"

Woodworkers Journal:

Woodworker's Journal, Vol 25/4, Aug 2001:
"The user inputs blade diameter and type, and the software creates a profile for any blade tilt angle from zero to 45 degrees and feed angle from zero to 90 degrees. Several profiles can be combined to create more complex cuts."

American Router:

American Router, Issue 14, Mar 2006:
"A simple design that increases safety, accuracy and gives you better control while using your router table. With the Frame & Panel Master Jig and a set of templates, you can make doors that fit together perfectly and match each other no matter how many you make."


Woodsmith, Volume 35, Issue 210, January 2014:
"The Woodhaven (coping) sled shown in the main photo is one of my favorites..."