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4400 Ultra Track Aluminum Extrusion - Select Length

4400 Ultra Track Aluminum Extrusion - Select Length

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The Ultra Track extrusion has 8 T-slots, one each on top & bottom and 3 on each face located 3/4" & 1-1/2" from the edge. It measures 3/4" thick and 3" high and provides an unlimited variety of quick and easy mounting and adjustment options for stops, hold-downs, etc. Anodized aluminum for strength and durability. Ultra track works great as a miter gauge, router, table saw, chop saw, radial arm saw or shaper fence.  Add our Fence Face is you need a sub-fence.  The T-slots are sized to capture the hex head of a standard 1/4" bolt or our oval nuts. These tracks are the most versatile jig building accessories you can use in your shop. Note: the top on T-bolts is too wide to fit in this track without grinding the sides of the bolt head.  95" is the max length we can ship. 

    • Ultra Track
    • 3" height x 3/4" width
    • 8 T slots
    • Versatile jig building accessory
    • Custom lengths available - Call to order 
    • For a complete Table Saw Fence Kit see our 4310
    • For a complete Miter Saw Fence & Flip Stop kit see our 4902, 4903 or 4904 

All products are Made in the USA and have a lifetime guarantee against defects in material or workmanship! For product questions or to quote shipping outside the continental US call 800-344-6657 or email

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Customer Reviews

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Solid build and flatness.


Rebuilding a 50 yr old Craftsman table saw. The fence has a sheet metal cover that was bowed at each end. I strapped this on using the factory holes and realigned the fence with the miter slots. It is dead on flat. I was not wanting to buy a new fence for $3-4 times what I paid for the saw. I can see more of these for the band saw and maybe the drill press?


Good product. Exactly as advertised. Straight and flat. Packaged well. Quick shipping. Thanks


Put one on my Saw Stop. I used only 4 fasteners to attach it to the SS tube. I needed to elongate those 4 slots. I also needed to shorten the 1/4"x3/8" cap head screws by around 1/64 as the tips of the screws were bottoming.

The track sits perpendicular to the table top and flat along it's length (when installed) to around 2 thou.

Highly recommended for this application.


Used as a fence for my PCS sawstop. Worked great nice and straight. And now can add jigs easy.