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Circle Jig - Select Model based on Circle Size

Circle Jig - Select Model based on Circle Size

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Max Circel Diameter

This circle jig cuts any circle with a minimum of fuss. Easy to set-up & use, the unique NoDrill plate doesn't tie up your router. Requires a 1/8" pilot hole in work piece. Includes a pencil holder for drawing circles, plus a scale and a cursor for easy measurement.

  • Four models to choose from:

3260 includes a 24" track and cuts 3/4" to 62-1/4" diameter (31" radius) circles.

3270 includes a 48" track and cuts 3/4" to 110-1/4" diameter (55" radius) circles.

3280 includes a 72" track and cuts 3-3/4" to 158-1/4" diameter (79" radius) circles.

3290 includes a 95" track and cuts 3-3/4" to 204-1/4" diameter (102" radius) circles.

  • You can increase the diameter of your Circle Jig by purchasing a longer section of our 4000 Double track or a track extension kit contact us for more details.
  • Router and bit not included.

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Customer Reviews

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Brian Gonci
Works, kinda

I had to do some modifications to the circle jig. I didn’t like the clamp method to attach the router base to the plate. So I drilled it out for my router. That was an easy fix. But the center pin is cheap and too short. It wanted to jump out as I routed. I modified that as well with a part they supplied. I drilled that out as well in inserted the 1/4 dia. Pin. And added an additional block to stabilize it. Now it works much better.

Router circle cutting jig

Purchased this some time ago to build a table for my daughter. Then she decided she didn't want a circular table. That's okay. I decided to build her a lazy susan to go with her table. I had worked with circle cutting jigs before. but only the kind that works with a bandsaw. I almost bought that one from Woodhaven. However, I am glad I bought this one to use with my router. This jig is a beast and is well made. Assembly did take some time but was fairly easy. I did cut my circles down to a reasonable size with a jigsaw first. Since I have the micro-adjust with this jig, it was easy to dial in the diameter I wanted. I took 1/4 to 3/8 inch passes to cut through the 1 1/2 inch base. It was silky smooth and never moved out of the guide pin hole. I plan on using it on many more projects. It really is a professional tool and I highly recommend it.


Best tool I have bought in years.


Very well made. Super simple to operate but…… WHY DONT YOU MAKE A YOUTUBE VIDEO SHOWING HOW TO PUT THE THING TOGETHER!!!!!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to rant. Have a nice day.


This jig worked amazingly for what I was looking for. It took away the hassle of trying to figure out if my circle was correct or not. As long as my center was correct , my circles would come out perfect every time.