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Wedge-Pro® Segmented Circle Cutting Sled

Wedge-Pro® Segmented Circle Cutting Sled

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The Wedge-Pro® cutting sled for segmented rings was designed with the beginner in mind and has several quality and safety improvements over traditional DIY sleds. The Wedge-Pro® cutting sled is extremely comfortable to use and most importantly keeps your hands clear of the blade. This complete kit (sled, material stop, push sticks) creates a turn-key package that has all you need to start cutting segments safely and accurately on a table saw.

  1. Includes a built-in zero clearance bed which eliminates the need for accessory table saw inserts.
  2. Ships with miter bars that fit standard 3/4″ miter slots, however if your miter slot is smaller, the miter bar can easily be cut down using your table saw.
  3. No setup blocks  are necessary. The sled utilizes indexing holes for 8, 10, 12, 16, 18, 20, 24, 32, 36, 40, 48, 60, and 72 segments, and also has an indexing hole at 90° so the sled can be used as a standard 90° miter fence.
  4. Sled features a unique sweeper that helps to safely remove segments away from the spinning blade.
  5. The sled ships in a left-hand configuration but is easily configurable for right-hand use.
  6. The adjustable fence has a non-slip face to prevent material slippage.
  7. Includes an integrated spring-loaded clamp which provides hands-clear cutting and allows for utilization of the last few inches of the board.
  8. Can handle cutting stock up to 2″ x 2″.
  9. The sled is constructed using high quality Corian®, a very durable acrylic that will not damage blades with indirect contact.
  10. All provided hardware is stainless steel and corrosion resistant.
  11. Most sleds utilize a two-fence design, but why do you need two when one provides perfectly accurate segments!
  12. The Wedge-Pro® fits a wide variety of table saws, but the dimension from the center of the miter bar slot to the edge of the blade must be between 2-1/2″ (64mm) & 7-3/4″ (196mm)
  13. No need to create half rings as this sled creates perfect segments that create perfectly tight rings every time!

Includes a specially designed material stop!

The included material stop was specially designed to work with the Wedge-Pro® cutting sled. Since the material stop needs to remain stationary during use, the miter bar utilizes two knobs and wedge bolts that can secure the bar in place. The material stop allows for segment lengths from 0″ – 3-1/2″ and has a built-in bearing allowing the material stop to be turned around and used as a thin-rip cutting jig.

** Includes two sacrificial push sticks!

This original single fence version is well suited to the beginner or advanced woodturner that is looking for a safer way to cut traditional segments.  Unless you are needing the ability to cut advanced segment types like zig-zags, tapered, skewed, sprirals, flat stars, 3d bevel stars, etc, this version is the best fit and will accomodate 98% of segmented woodturners.

Patent Pending

The bowl shown above uses rings & segments that were cut using the Wedge-Pro®, used with permission.

Sold By Woodhaven, built by Quality First Wood Products in Columbia, SC. 

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