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Benchtop CNC

Benchtop CNC

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Woodhaven is proud to carry the Formative Manufacturing FM1 benchtop CNC. The FM1 was created to be the best, no-compromise, entry-level benchtop CNC router on the market.  This machine is dependable and rigid, well-engineered, and a joy to use.  

Machine Specifications:

Cutting Area:
● 24” by 36” for Model FM1-2436
● 24” by 48” for Model FM1-2448
Z axis height is 3.5” or greater depending on spindle setup 
Electrical:  22AWG cables with M12 connectors throughout are protected by 15x30mm cable chains.  Push button homing switches on X, Y, and Z axis
Motors: X,Y: NEMA 23 motors at 279oz Z: NEMA 23 motor at 178oz All axis driven by DM542T stepper drivers.
Controller: Arduino Uno running GRBL Start, Hold, and Emergency Stop push buttons
Frame:   Rails are anodized aluminum 4080 extrusions.  Base is anodized aluminum 2020 extrusions. Plates are ¼” thick with a ½” thick X plate. 
Cutter(Router): NOT INCLUDED Makita RT0701C recommended. Heavy-duty  mount on built-in tram plate designed for 65mm diameter spindle.
Motion: X,Y: Steel u-wheels on stainless steel rail. Z: 15mm linear rails and T8 ACME lead screw.  All Axis: GT3 9mm belts with custom quick-adjust belt tensioners
Cutting Bits: 
An ⅛” downcut bit and ⅛” collet reducer are included in a kit.
Wasteboard: NOT INCLUDED 3/4" MDF Recommend.  Clamps and hardware to secure baseboard to frame is included in the kit.
Controller: Arduino Uno running GRBL Start, Hold, and Emergency Stop push buttons.
Software: NOT INCLUDED Recommended software:
● Carbide Create ( - free 2D sketching & machining software
● CNC.js - Free Download (used to send G code files to the FM1)
● - Great for small businesses or home-hobbyists looking to take their first step into making items on your CNC.  Several different plans available.


Lifetime guarantee against defects in material or workmanship. Made in the USA! For product questions or a quote for shipping outside the continental US call 800-344-6657 or email

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