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Ultra Track Planing Sled - Select Working Width

Ultra Track Planing Sled - Select Working Width

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Working Width

Ultra Track Router Planing Sled

If you can't justify buying a wide planer or sander for the few times you need it, our Ultra Track Router Planing Sled is an affordable solution for surfacing or milling wide live-edge stock & slabs, resurfacing butcher blocks or workbenches, removing a finish from a surface, fluting trim boards and other jobs impossible for a planer. Five easy to use models to choose from.  Each model will accommodate an unlimited length workpiece. You simply slide the sled down the workpiece and make the next pass. 

3" tall aluminum Ultra Track rails support the router and won't deflect as you move the router back and forth over the stock. Router glides between the Ultra Track rails for front-to-back movement. You supply two wood side rails, 12" to 16" longer than the work or checkout our 3010 rail kit. The sled works with any length of work piece. Our aluminum Double Track support rails glide on top of your wood rails as you move the router back and forth.

Includes a NoDrill Router Plate with a quick attach feature so your router can be quickly attached or removed.

Works with any router bit you supply that has an overall length of at least 2-1/2". Our optional 13600 up-shear router bit leaves a great surface finish! Has a 1-1/2" cutting diameter, 5/8" cutting length with a 2-1/2" overall length and a 1/2" shank.

  • Five easy to use and very affordable models to choose from:
  • 3000: 27" max project width, 36" Ultra Track, 16" Double Track rails
  • 3002: 39" max project width, 48" Ultra Track, 24" Double Track rails
  • 3004: 51" max project width, 60" Ultra Track, 32" Double Track rails
  • 3006: 63" max project width, 72" Ultra Track, 36" Double Track rails
  • 3008: 86" max project width, 95" Ultra Track, 48" Double Track rails
  • Great solution for surfacing wide stock and other jobs impossible for a planer.
  • Router, Bit and wood rails not included.

Check out our NEW Assembly VIDEO

Lifetime guarantee against defects in material or workmanship. Made in the USA! For product questions or a quote for shipping outside the continental US call 800-344-6657 or email

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Sled and tracks arrived well packaged. It is heavy! Robust design using standard aluminum and phenolic structural components that can be expanded. Good hardware packs and instructions. Sled and rails all went together in less than an hour. Minor tweaks to tighten everything square. Smooth XY motion and stable due to heft.


Love it,recommended!!


Nice work tool, easy to assemble and work with . Drawback is that it’s not like the example on the video but works fine.

Jack Rose

Using to plane down different thicknesses of lumber.


Does a GREAT job flattening slabs. 100% would recommend.