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Woodhaven 8505 Mortise Bit

Woodhaven 8505 Mortise Bit

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The 8505 Mortising Bit is necessary if using the Woodhaven Hinge Jigs on jambs with stops in place. Use our bearing guided mortise bit for cutting the mortise on our hinge jigs. The bit is carbide tipped, has a 1/2" cutting diameter and a 1/4" shank. It leaves 1/4" radiused corners, which you'll need to square up with a chisel.

  • Carbide Tipped
  • 1/2" Cutting Diameter with a 5/8" OD bearing on the 1/4" shank.
  • 3/4" Cut Length, 2-1/4" overall length. The 8505 is only necessary if you're mounting the jig on a door frame with a 1/2" thick stop attached, otherwise get the 8500 bit.

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