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782 Metric Shelf Pin Jig

782 Metric Shelf Pin Jig

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Our 782 Shelf Pin Jig has 12 holes spaced 32 mm (1.26") on center and 37 mm (1.46") from the edge.

  • Can be used to make 5mm or 1/4" shelf pin holes with appropriate bit. This jigs compact size lets you use it in the tightest quarters.
  • Lets you rout or drill either 5mm or 1/4" shelf pin holes. Drilling is easiest if your cabinet is already assembled. Routing is faster and produces a slightly cleaner/squarer hole on unassembled parts.
  • Jig accepts 3/8" OD self-centering drills (order separately), or a guide bushing & router bit (order separately).
  • Made of tough 1/4" thick phenolic. 
  • Drill NOT included.
  • All products are Made in the USA and have a lifetime guarantee against defects in material or workmanship! For product questions or to quote shipping outside the continental US call 800-344-6657 or email

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Amazon Customer

    does the job, good deal for the money

    Anderson Tenca


    Joe K Woodworking

    Nice jig, simple, accurate and works very well. Make sure to get a good quality 3/8" OD self centering bit with a 5mm drill included. You cannot just use a 5mm bit in your drill and use it in this jig.

    Paul in Hillsdale

    This jig worked well for me. Although it includes an alignment pin and aligment screws, I only used the pin because I found it easy to clamp one or two straightedges to the workpiece to keep the jig aligned. I used a plunge router with an up spiral bit. I prefer the plunge router since it is very fast and cuts very clean, but I have a self aligning drill bit bit in case I am using this jig in a more confined space. Although this jig is a bit small, the fact that it is simply a flat rectangle makes it more versatile in my opinion when you have clamps and a variety of straightedges at your disposal. This ig is made of a very durable plastic. I like it.

    Jonathan Turner

    This jig is simple, which I prefer, and works very well. It makes shelf pin drilling very easy when paired with a template bit. I only wish they had a longer version...this is a little short for a full sized cabinet; requires too many transfers. It could also stand to ship with a second pin to make mid-sheet transferring easier/faster.