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1472 Angle-Ease for 4.2" motors

1472 Angle-Ease for 4.2" motors

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1472 Angle-Ease is designed for the PC 7518/19 or Milwaukee 5625 routers with 4.2" motor diameter. Can also be used with 3-1/2" or 3-1/4" router motors by using a Router Adapter Collar.

The Angle-Ease allows your router to do things no other tool can do. It's safer than tilting your work and multiple profiles are possible with just one bit. Combine its angling ability with a few common router bits and you can duplicate moldings of all kinds! Angle vertical panel bits, or other style bits, to produce unique one-of-a-kind moldings. With the Angle-Ease, you are only limited by your imagination!

The Angle-Ease is designed for router table use and features a 9-1/4"x 11-3/4"x 3/8" phenolic plate. Includes height adjuster with a 2-1/4" fine adjustment. Height and angle settings controlled with knobs, no tools required during operation. Positive stops every 5º, plus 22-1/2º, Scale has 1º, markings. Some assembly required.

  • 1472 Angle-Ease is designed for the PC 7518 4.2" diameter motor.
  • Can be used with 3.5" or 3.25" motors by getting a Router Adapter Collar (we have a few in stock).
  • Allows your router to do things no other tool can do.
  • Safer then tilting your work.
  • Combine with a few common router bits to duplicate moldings of all kinds!
  • Router, bit and router table not included.
  • All products are Made in the USA and have a lifetime guarantee against defects in material or workmanship! For product questions or to quote shipping outside the continental US call 800-344-6657 or email

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Customer Reviews

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D.M. Day

While assembling and adjusting unit, noticed one of the ultra tracks was not perfectly straight. So the sled is tight at the ends and loose in the middle. It will probably still work OK so I haven't decided to return it yet. BUT... emailed Woodhaven twice to see if they would just replace it. They have not responded.

I will update this if Woodhaven provides support behind their product. But for now, apparently I can't count on them.

Update: Not only is Woodhaven replacing the very slightly defective part but, they are willing to send the replacement while I hold and use the bad one! When I get the new one, I will return the bad one. Only a stand-up company would do this.