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Woodhaven 8615 35MM Adjustable Cup Routing Jig

Woodhaven 8615 35MM Adjustable Cup Routing Jig

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Instead of using a drill press to drill the 35mm cup hole, this jig uses your router. Perfect for field work, etc. The 8615 Adjustable Cup Routing Jig routs the 35mm cup using our Mortise Bit (8505 -order separately), or a 5/8" bushing (5030K - order separately) and 1/2" bit (15407 - order separately). Then use either a Marking Punch (8600 - order separately) to mark the two mounting holes, or a Self-Centering drill (6505 or 6507 - order separately) to drill the two mounting pilot holes. Adjustable cup backset of 0-23mm. Includes a 500 lb. toggle clamp and a 12" One Track with a reversible stop for positioning the cup center 2-5/8" to 4" from the top/bottom of the door. The optional 8615K Two Jig Kit includes two 8615's and a 4248 48" One Track. Perfect for routing two hinge cups up to 36" apart with one setup.

  • Lifetime guarantee against defects in material or workmanship. Made in the USA! For shipping quote outside the 48 States call 800-344-6657 or email

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