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Woodhaven 4505 Chop Saw Contractor Kit

  • 14599

Our Contractor Chop Saw Kit will make your chop saw a better tool. The 24" long Ultra Track forms the fence and is a full 3/4" thick by 3" high. You'll need to drill four holes (two on each side of the blade) in your chop saws fence to mount the Ultra Tracks to your chop saw with the included knobs & hdw. Our Curved Stop attaches to the top of the Ultra Track fence and flips up when not needed or lifts out of the way when a board is pushed under it. Includes two 24" Ultra Track fences, Curved Stop, Straight Stop, one Table/Track Extension and hardware for mounting the track. The Table/Track Extension provides support for long boards and increases the working length of the Ultra Track fence. You supply some 3/4" thick stock for an extension. Designed to be setup and torn down easily.

  • For Contractors - sets up and tears down quickly.
  • Includes two 24" Ultra Track fences.
  • Includes two flip stops
  • Includes a Track & Table Extension.
  • Lifetime guarantee against defects in material or workmanship. Made in the USA!

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