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Woodhaven 3205 Margin Scribe

Woodhaven 3205 Margin Scribe

  • 2499

The optional Margin Scribe draws a line parallel to an edge for a more precise margin then an Oval Jig can cut. For example, if you cut a 3" wide frame with any Oval Jig, the frame will only be 3" wide at the four axis's of the jig and slightly narrower everywhere else. This phenomenon happens with all oval jigs. If you need a precise width, the solution is to rout one side of the part with the Oval Jig, use the Margin Scribe to draw a line parallel to the routed edge, then cut the part to the line

  • Draws a line parallel to an edge
  • Lifetime guarantee against defects in material or workmanship. Made in the USA!

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