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Woodhaven Plate Drilling - Select router

Woodhaven Plate Drilling - Select router

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Drilling our plates to fit your router is a simple procedure and we include instructions to ensure success. If you prefer, we'll drill your plate with the mounting holes in what we believe to be the best location. Sometimes this places the handles at an angle to the long edge of the plate, instead of parallel to the edge.

Don't see your router? Call us - we may be able to drill for it anyway. You cannot order a Plate Drilling service independently, it must be included in an order with one of our router plates.

Select your router from our drilling list and add it to any order that includes one of these router plates:

147 Router Plate, 6000 Horizontal Router Table and 7900PD Dado Jig Drill Plate.

  • Router plate pattern specific drilling service
  • Includes mounting screws

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