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Woodhaven Medium Biscuits - Select Package Qty.

  • 2399

Use with our 922 Biscuit Bit. Perfect for narrow face frames, picture frames, drawers and more.

  • The Medium Biscuit measures 15/64" (.234" or 6mm) thick and 23/32" (.72" 18.3mm) wide x 61/64" (.95" or 24.2mm) long. Made from Baltic Birch plywood with the grain/ply running at 45 degrees to the joint line. Cut depth is 3/8" on each side of joint, or 3/4" overall. Minimum stock thickness is 1/2". 
  • To be invisible, minimum stock width is 1-1/8" on butt joints and 7/8" on miters. Fits where other biscuits can't. Great way to reinforce a joint.
  • Fast: Make simple plunge cuts with our biscuit bit.
  • Adjustable: Cut doesn't have to be perfectly placed because our biscuit design allows for some lateral part adjustment.
  • Use with any router, freehand or in a router table.
  • Lifetime guarantee against defects in material or workmanship. Made in the USA!

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